Mach mit uns die SBB erlebbar.

Unser Markenportal zeigt, wer wir sind – und was uns wichtig ist. Hier findest du alles, was du und dein Team für inspirierende Lösungen brauchen. Denn die SBB kommt gut an, wenn wir anderen helfen, gut anzukommen, egal auf welchem Weg.

CSS/JS Build



Enable Less or Sass pre-compilation for your pattern CSS to use variables, mixins & more.


Reset / Normalize

Include YUI Reset or Normalize at the beginning of your CSS to unify default styling across browsers.


External Resources

These stylesheets and scripts will be included in this order and before the CSS/JS code you add to patterns (using the "Pattern" content block). Make sure that you add resources via https.


Welcome to your cover page

Let’s start right away by adding a first content block to your cover page.

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